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Unlimited PSP Downloads – Tips On Downloading PSP Movies

Unlimited PSP downloads at online stores allow you to build a private stash of PSP movies at such convenience that was impossible just a few years ago. If you just bought a new PSP or have been using it mainly for games and have no inkling about how to download movies and watch them from your PSP, here’s the simple steps to download PSP movies to your portable device. Towards the end of the article, I will reveal to you some clues on where to unlock a vault of PSP movie and music video downloads for pennies.

First of all, there are some peripherals and software that you would need to install on your PC before you can perform the transfer of movie files to your PSP. Make sure you have a USB cable ready and your PC must have a USB port. This is the list:

1. DVD-ROM or Drive – This drive must be installed on your PC. This usually comes as a package with your PC. If your computer is an older version which only came with CD-ROM, head to the local computer store to purchase one. Nowadays, the prices have fallen quite a fair bit and should not cost you more than $100.

2. 512 MB Pro Duo Stick – Memory space higher than this is even better. 512 MB is the bare minimum. The memory is meant to store the movie files in MP4 format.

3. DVD Ripper software – This piece of software is necessary to rip movies from DVDs. Ripping means transferring in case you do not know what it means. Normally, this comes as a bundle with your DVD ROM. However, if you do not have one or want a most robust ripper, you can download some free ripping software from the internet.

4. PSP Video Converter – This software as the name suggests converts the raw movie files you have ripped into a readable format ie MP4 that you can watch on your PSP. There are software in the market that can combine the ripping and video conversion. Folks know them as combo of ripper and video converter.

Now we move on to learn how to download the movies to your PSP. Notice there are quite a number of things you have to prepare before you can start downloading the movie files, such as ripping so on. Nowadays, the membership sites that provide unlimited PlayStation downloads have made ripping redundant. Cool, isn’t it?

Steps to download the movie files onto your PSP

1. Insert the movie DVD into your DVD ROM and run your DVD ripper. Extract or rip the movie file from the DVD and save it to a folder you desire.

2. Run your PSP video converter and select the movie file you just ripped and click on the extract or encode icon. Finally, remember to save the file.

3. Remember that there is DVD Ripper/Video Converter combo software around? If you have one of these, steps 1 and 2 are combined into one.

4. Connect your PSP to your PC USB port. Next, create a folder on your memory stick and name it as “MP_ROOT”. Within this folder, create a subfolder or subdirectory and name it as “100MNV01″. Head to your folder that contains the movie files, copy and paste them into the 100MNV01 subfolder.

The downloading is complete and you can start watching movies on your gadget. This is the first step to begin with in building your collection of PSP music, movies, game downloads and so on. If the above steps are tedious to you, head to my blog where you can access to unlimited PSP downloads of movies, games, music and just about any interesting thing on this planet, without messy ripping etc. All the files are in proper format, ready for viewing.

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Three Tips for Getting the Best Forex Software Download

Forex software downloads have really taken off in recent years with roughly 40% of all investors currently using this technology to guide their investments in the forex market much more effectively. This technology has slowly been gaining traction thanks to word of mouth given that it enables you to trade in the forex market on autopilot without needing to know a thing about the market to see serious and reliable profits come out of it and coming your way.

But with any popular technology, there will always be imitators which are not worth your time or money, so after using this technology personally myself for the last six years, I’ve come up with this lock down list of three things you need to make sure that the forex software download you go with is the best of the best.

First off, absolutely limit your search to a forex software download which comes with a full money back guarantee with it. The reason for this is that it’s both evidence that the publisher believes in their product enough to guarantee it with the full purchase price as collateral but at the same time it also enables you to test the program firsthand and risk-free.

In the forex market you can set up one of these programs very easily to trade within the safe and friendly confines of a practice account in which you can let the program trade in the real-time market but with virtual currency you can keep track of.

The best publishers I’ve encountered have encouraged that I test their forex software download in this way because they really do believe in what they’re selling.

Secondly, customer support is a great metric for the quality of the product as well as the merchant themselves. I love the phone and live chat support, but I never discount e-mail support as oftentimes you’ll find their e-mail support to be swift and very effective.

If you’re on the fence, think about sending the publisher a test e-mail. Express your interest in their program and ask any questions that you might have. Once you’ve done that, gauge their response time and see how long it takes him to respond. Obviously if the publisher comes back with an inadequate response or worse no response at all, you know they’re not worth your time.

Finally, I absolutely recommend that you go with a forex software download which trades much more conservatively than its peers. I’ve used a lot of forex software over the past decade and more recently the best ones which I’ve used have all been much more conservative in how they invest.

FAP Turbo for example is a very conservative forex software download because it keeps much higher standards which a trend must meet before it will invest any money accordingly. If no trades meet its standards, it continues to search and will not invest in overly aggressive trades and it will not invest for the sake of doing so.

It consequently has the best and most near perfect winning rate of any forex software download I’ve ever used in my entire life which you can attribute to it’s much more conservative trading nature.

Buying Software Online Tips

Have you ever experienced buying software online? Actually it is quite easy and a fun experience to boot. There are a few tricks that you need to know when you buy software online. You do not have to hesitate shopping online if you have a credit card it would be a breeze and you will have a safety net in cases where you do not receive the product you paid for.

Shopping online is exciting and fun. It is like shopping in a big mall. You can buy new software or just have an upgrade of the current programs that you have. To be safe and make you less hesitant when you shop online, I have here some tips to help you along the way.

Tips on Buying Software Online

Tip 1 – Reviews about the product

One hitch that we encounter when shopping for software online is that we can not try it. We can remedy this by checking out the reviews and feedbacks about the product. This can ensure that we have bought the right item.

Tip 2 – Check the compatibility of the software with your operating system

This is one of the most important things that you should check before you buy any software or program. You have to put in mind that a software or program has minimum requirements for it to operate to its maximum capacity. If you have bought something that is not compatible with your computer system then it will not serve its purpose and it is usually not refundable.

Tip 3 – Look for a reliable software company

It is true that that there are a lots of fake software out there. In order not o be ripped off, you should shop online from a reliable website. You can check out a website with the Better Business Bureau if it is really the real deal.

Tip 4 – Look for the best deal

I love shopping online. Aside from having lots of choices, you can also look for the best price. You can check other websites about the price of the software you want to buy. This can help ensure that you are getting the best deal on the net.

Tip 5 – Check out the refund policy

Before buying anything online it is imperative for anybody to check the refund policy of a certain company. Although software is not refundable at least you can have it changed for another item.

At present there is a new method of buying software online. All you will need to do is to pay for it online and you can download it immediately. A lot of software has a trial version that you can try and this is for free. If you do not like the software then you can just have it uninstalled. If you do like it then you can buy the full version.